Find a Kinky Partner Near You, Finding a BDSM, Fetish and Kinky Sex Partner

Have you ever dreamt in your sexual fantasies of spanking, role-playing or blindfolding? Well, you and many of us are kinky to some extent. Sex life can go far beyond a simple intercourse and vanilla sex. Kinky people embrace their fetishes and break the mold by experimenting with their intimate desires.

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Kinky lifestyle is no longer deemed as something extraordinary in big cities and anyone can find a partner for such sexual activities. However, it is not as easy as it seems. As someone’s kink might be a foot fetish, and another person’s is a group sex, it is necessary to find a kinky partner who would share the same interests as you. Looking for a compatible and like-minded person can be a challenge but only for those new to the business.

For many, it is simply another hurdle to navigate on your journey to finding a sexual partner, a role playing buddy, or simply tonight’s single-serving stranger. Originally Answered: How did you find a BDSM interested partner? Well, I first became openly … Have you had a BDSM relationship without sex?

Here is the guide on what to start with when looking for a perfect kinkster match

Though it might sound boring, but you have to pick the category of kink you fall under. Yes, penchant for latex and ropes is not the only fetish. Think about your sexual fetishes, what you are looking for, and ultimately what you can offer.

Among the common kinks are:

  • Role-playing and fantasy
  • Threesome, group sex, swinging
  • Voyeurism
  • Masochism
  • Psychological play, etc.

The list of sexual kinks limits only to your fantasy and safety concerns. So, bring to the table whatever makes you arouse and share your “kink menu” with a potential partner and exchange you interests. If you are both comfortable with unique needs and consent to the sexual activities, then you are good to go. Remember, it is essential to discuss all the do’s and don’ts, set boundaries and reach a mutual understanding before rushing into it headfirst. So, all the parties will get the most satisfying experience.

App to Find Kinky People

As the dating apps are springing right and left, you will be spoilt for choice. However, asking your Tinder match to go beyond missionary and engage into something more edgy might be tricky. While some would frown upon that, others would insecurely refuse to such sexual practices. That’s the reason you need to narrow down the search and focus on Kink specific websites or Kinky sex finder. Here comes the Kinky tinder counterpart, Zin. Our app is specifically designed for casual dating with no strings attached. Zin is a community for free-spirited and open-minded users where anyone can find a partner or partners to live out their most intimate fantasies. Here you will be able to specify your interests in your online dating profile. You can state your sexual preferences (male, female, male+female, male+male, etc.), describe your personality and expectations. This way you will spare yourself the douchebags and tedious conversations, making only the ones who meet your criteria reciprocate.

If you’re like me, you’re damn broke but don’t want to let that get in the way of a good vacation. And what’s one of the best things about vacation? That’s right: vacation sex. Vacation sex can feel like great role play — you’re both still you, but you’re on vacation, and it’s like everything is shimmery and new and oh-so-refreshing.

So what to do if you’re broke like me? You have vacation sex at home. Here’s how.

Make your bedroom seem more like a hotel room.

Clean your room, make your bed, and put away any photos and clutter. (I’ve found that weirdly I’m in a much sexier state of mind when my room is clutter-free and organized, anyone else?) You want to make it seem like a blank slate, much like a hotel room. Dim the lights. Put your laptop away. Which brings me to…

Shun all work.

It’s time to close and put away your laptops AND phones. You’re on a mental vacation here, and this is no time to check emails or update Twitter. This is you time (“you” meaning you as a couple). There’s nothing that takes you out of a vacation mindset like checking Facebook “real quick.” NO. RESIST.

Make your own tropical drinks.

I mean, why not? You can create your very own fruity tropical drinks right at home. I found a recipe for a simple shaken Piña colada that you can make, from AboutFood:

— You need 2 ounces light rum, 2 ounces pineapple juice, 1 1/2 ounces of cream of coconut (a non-alcoholic mixer like coconut milk, but is sweeter than thicker; though coconut milk will do in a pinch.) You also need garnishes: a pineapple wedge and a maraschino cherry.

— Pour all the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker.

— Shake very well.

— Strain into a glass (a cocktail glass like you’d use for a martini or collins glass, which is a tall, cylindrical glass.)

— Garnish.

— Enjoy!

Listen to some sweet island tunes.

Break out the Jimmy Buffett and Harry Belafonte, it’s time to party. You want to aim for fun, silly songs that don’t necessarily get you in the sex mood, but get you into the vacation mood. For the sex mood, you can listen to some good old fashioned Tiki music, like the kind of music you hear in the background in Mad Men. Try some Les Baxter, Arthur Lyman, and Martin Denny for that.

Try new things in bed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if you try new things in bed, you might like them! Plus, you’re on vacation here; this is the time to be a little adventurous. If you don’t like the new sexy things, you can always say, “Hey, I don’t like these new sexy things, let’s stop.” And problem solved. But you won’t know until you give it the ole college try.

On top of kink-specific navigation tools, the app prides itself on high-end security and privacy. In the wake of digital data being a valuable asset, no one wants his\her personal chats leak into the world, especially when it comes to sex. We incorporate high-end encryption system and don’t store your information on our servers. On top of that, there is no need to connect your Facebook or Instagram account to Zin when registering.

Here at Zin, your sexual curiosities are safe from prying eyes and you are the one who calls the shots.

Where to Meet Kinky People

Though online is the easiest way to enter the kink world, it is always a good idea to explore offline for its multiple benefits. The main advantage is that you will get an eye-to-eye conversation and evaluate your chemistry before building up to something more intimate. The pool of kinky people is smaller and not that obvious since no one puts a sign saying they are kinky. In a real world, to get a kinky partner one needs to know the ropes.

Here is the list of options to check to join a kink community:

  1. Fetlife
  2. Gay\Lesbian bars
  3. Munches
  4. Play parties
  5. BDSM workshops
  6. Hashtags and groups on social media

Fetlife is a social networking website that boasts over 8mln users and positions itself as Facebook for kinksters. Here you will be able to check events in your area, ask questions, join groups or even create your own. The user can indicate his\her own fetishes, post pictures and videos, chat with other members and befriend them. Indeed, like Facebook yet with a kink. This will keep you updated on kinky gatherings in your area, a munch, so you can join the community and establish useful contacts.

Munch is a BDSM gathering which is basically an ordinary social meeting in a public place. Kink-minded people come around to chat and socialize at a restaurant on a weekly or monthly basis. That is especially beneficial for newbies who enter the scene and look for information and acquaintances. At the event, you will also be able to learn about private play parties which are usually planned in advance for trusted people from the community.

Gay and lesbian bars are definitely more fun than traditional counterparts. And folks there are more open-minded. So, even if you don’t find anyone compatible there, someone can introduce you to the right person. So, be friendly and communicative and maybe your new acquaintance would introduce you to a friend with the same sex preferences as yours.

Finally, make use of social media. Facebook communities and posts, hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, and ultimately, Google search – they all have the information you are looking for. When a kinky sex finder has successfully played its role and you have found the one, try to go on a couple of dates with the potential partner. Act normal and don’t try to pull off something extraordinary- leave your kinks for the bedroom. On a date you can discuss the terms of your partnership and see how you get along.

As always, play it safe and learn about the venues you are heading. Notify your friends of your new kinky partner and send your location. Path to pleasure lies in trust and consent just like an ordinary love affair. Everyone looks for ultimate sex experience not the trouble.