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Still struggling to find a nice single woman who seeking men from your area? It seems like no one is looking for the same thing as you? Here is the good news for you: there are plenty of women seeking men for flirt, romance or a serious relationship.

Of course, there are so many ways to meet women in real life but it’s hard to understand their personality or life interests judging only by their appearance. The best way to meet and date local ladies is trying online dating. This is the easiest way to find single girls from your area looking for the same things as you are: friendship, flirt, romance or a long-term relationship.

Guys, we totally get it – when it comes to sex, there’s a lot of competing information out there on what you should and shouldn’t be doing in bed. We’re here to help, so we’ve surveyed our friends and come up with 5 things that every man should consider doing more of in bed.

1. Ask. “Do you like that?” “How’s that?” “Here?” “Does that feel good?” Some people are uncomfortable with voicing their own desires, so honestly, I think everyone could do a little more checking in while in bed. If your partner seems unsure or has been silent for a while, it’ll be a better sexual experience for both of you if you check in. You might find something new that your partner loves, or adjust a movement so it feels better for both of you. Communication is so important, whether it’s casual sex or sex within a committed relationship.

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2. Laugh. Sex is usually not smooth, especially the first couple of times. Don’t take it too seriously. If something doesn’t quite work, laugh it off. Don’t get frustrated. Smile, laugh a little, so you and your partner can relax and enjoy each other. The most fun sex I’ve had – casual sex or otherwise – has been with men who aren’t afraid to laugh during it.

3. Come. Whatever you call it – come, cum, orgasm, climax. The point is, we don’t always need you to keep going for hours on end. Honestly, if you’re coming, just come. If she hasn’t had an orgasm yet, focus all of your attention on her once you’ve cleaned up. I understand – you don’t want to come before she does. The easiest way to remedy that? Start off with oral, or ask her to show you how to use her favorite toy. Not every encounter has to be a marathon, and sometimes a good sprint is just as memorable.

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4. Massage. It’s a cliche, but for good reason: There’s nothing like a good massage. Orgasms in general and G-spot orgasms in particular are much, much easier to have when you’re relaxed. In the case of casual sex, ask first. You never know – your partner might not like to be touched on her back or shoulders, and it’s just polite to check. But for many people, massage is a great way to ease into something more erotic

5. Experiment. I think this is true across the board, regardless of gender. Everyone could use some more in-bed experimentation. Whether it’s a new position, new condoms, new lube, new toys, swinging, swapping… The list is really endless. Starting with lighter elements of BDSM is really popular now, but always, always check in with your partner. It can be as simple as, “I think you’d look so sexy blindfolded. Can we try that tonight?”

Pros and cons of online dating

The best thing about looking for someone on a local dating website is that you can set and control all the important criteria for finding your match. You can choose a particular age, body type and life interests of your future match. You can also set more accurate location or use the app while traveling to other cities or even countries.

People might say that meeting local women online is completely different from meeting them in real life and that online dating kills live conversations. We say that online dating is just the easiest and more comfortable way of usual dating. You can start a conversation based on your common interests and some life events that were mentioned in their profiles. You don’t need to think too long for the topic of your first conversation, ‘cause on dating app like Meetville we match you by interests and life values, so you’ll have a lot in common.

Single women seeking men in our apps!

Meeting people in real life could seem more romantic than chatting online on dating apps. Though it’s not very safe and you can’t be sure that this person will share your life interests and values. That’s why apps like Meetville are genuinely the best choice for everyone who is looking for a dating partner.

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